Investment Experience

Investment Experience

Excellence in Investing

Our goal is providing consistency as well as investment excellence while mitigating risk. This means achieving attractive returns consistently without the commensurate risk, an imbalance which can only be achieved by having in-depth understanding of the markets, builders, combined with extensive experience. Although we strive for superior returns, our first priority is that our actions produce consistency and protection of capital. We are proven responsible manages who strive for superior performance and responsible investing while mitigating investor risks.

Notably: In 2006, APEX, seeing the deteriorating conditions in the homebuilding sector, proceeded to liquidate most of the investment positions, yielding high returns, while also returning committed fund capital of over $1 billion to its Investor-Partner. This strategy was executed as other investment funds continued to place substantial sums of capital into decaying markets.

Performance / Market Timing

We believe consistently excellent performance can only be achieved through superior knowledge of homebuilders, the markets, and the trend - not through attempts at following the masses.

Therefore, our investment process is entirely bottom-up, based upon proprietary, company-specific relationships and understanding combined with our ability to effectively and efficiently enter/ exit markets and positions.

Moreover, we do not believe in the predictive ability required to correctly time markets, we invest wherever attractively priced assets can be bought, with quality sponsorship and security.

APEX has demonstrated foresight, investment discipline and responsive investment portfolio management requisite to navigating homebuilding business cycles, protecting investor capital, and preserving risk-adjusted returns of its lot financing investments.

Unrivaled Network

Adding value requires having the ability to strategically negotiate, enter, monitor and exit projects with a complete understanding of all aspects of the opportunity and builder alike. We have highly skilled, dedicated a team of specialists that understand each market, builder, and investment type. Our understanding involves our “in the trenches” approach to being in the know and working side by side with homebuilders.

We employ a proven and extensive underwriting process requiring a thorough analysis of all facets when considering an investment while simultaneously working with clients in operations.

Communication with Clients

Communication with clients must meet their needs and strengthen our relationships with them. Having worked with a pension fund, institutional investors and leading national banks for 12 years, APEX has not only acted as a fiduciary, but also maintains an institutional operational quality in underwriting, due-diligence, and reporting.